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The mouth and body connection

clip_image002Respiratory system connection with the mouth

Bad bacteria from an infected mouth, have a direct access to the lungs from the simple act of breathing and the lungs get a double whammy when the same pathogenic bacteria assault them via the blood system.  This is especially true for the geriactic patient or patient with compromised immune systems.

Musculoskeletal system connection with the mouth

Rheumatoid arthritis is a complicated infection/immune response to the joints of the body. There is no proof that gum disease will cause RA but there is a remarkable similarity that exists in the bacteria of an infected mouth and rheumatoid arthritis.  And there is a positive corelation between bone loss in the mouth and body.

Endocrine system connection with the mouth

Forget the word endocrine and think of diabetes!  There is NO question that periodontal disease makes diabetes worse and that diabetes makes gum disease worse.  If you are diabetic you must, absolutely must have a perfectly clean mouth and only a qualified dentist/hygienist team can help you achieve this.

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