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Our Philosophy

Dental Excellence can be summed up in our “Statement of Philosophy” and embodies who we are, what we do and where we want to be. Highlights of our “Statement of Philosophy” include:

Our mission is to maintain a commitment to attaining the highest quality dental care provided to our patient’s through the use of the best available technology, in a comfortable, caring environment.


(The value our patients deserve)
An enthusiastically motivated team will deliver quality dental care based on the initial assessment of the dental and emotional needs of our patients. By serving and fulfilling those needs, we will help our patients travel towards increased dental awareness and attainment of the best possible dental care to maintain their oral health, function and appearance.


(Our purpose for being here)
It is our purpose to provide our patients with all that is necessary to make their brief stay comfortable and result in a return to health, function and appearance. By raising the awareness and desire of our patients and motivating them to play an active, dedicated role in the return to health, function and appearance we will be providing the superior dental care into which they have invested money and time.


(Our greatest asset)
Only the best will do- though all can achieve this height! They are people who are caring, loyal and trustworthy, intelligent and willing to improve their knowledge; motivated beyond the call to provide the highest quality care; have high standards of quality and integrity; are happy and conscientious; and who possess the willingness to be ever improving in their value to the practice. They will exceed the expectations of our patients to provide the quality care, which symbolizes our practice and will work as a team by being willing to help each other complete a task. Initiative, innovation, and superior performance will be acknowledged and rewarded. The practice will provide our staff with an environment conducive to maintaining their own goals both outside and within the practice, as well as providing further education, techniques and materials, which are deemed necessary to allow us to perform as a team in delivering the quality care expected of us by our patients.


(Everything changes; nothing remains without change)
Our commitment to provide the quality care our patients deserve is a blend of present day action and future planning. By recognizing that ‘to live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often’ we will face change with commitment rather than resistance. We will be resolved to improve our knowledge through continuing education, which will allow us to provide the premium service provided by this practice.