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Full Mouth Rejuvenation

Full Mouth Rejuvenation is an opportunity to start a fresh after your mouth has been damaged or destroyed by cavities, gum disease, accidents and / or bite problems.

Combing the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry and the artistry of Cosmetic Dentistry; Full Mouth Rejuvenation creates a smile which is functional, comfortable and beautiful.

Full Mouth Rejuvenation corrects imperfection in the bite position as well as enhancing the overall appearance of your smile. Using advanced state-of-the-art technology; the team at Maven Dental Castle Hill, formerly Dental Excellence, will measure your jaw muscle function, in both stressed and relaxed positions, by running computerised scans. Your individual needs and treatment will be assessed following careful collection and analysis of your records.

Is Full Mouth Rejuvenation right for me?
If you answer yes to any of the following statements, you may be a candidate for Full Mouth Rejuvenation:

  • I have TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome)
  • I experience frequent headaches or migraines
  • I have unexplained loose teeth
  • My teeth are worn, chipped or cracked
  • My dental restorations frequently crack, chip or break
  • I have pain or soreness around my jaw joints
  • I have pain in my teeth that seems to move around
  • I have facial, neck, shoulder and / or back pain
  • There are clicking or grating sounds in my jaw joints
  • I experience limited jaw movement or have a locking jaw
  • I have unexplained numbness in my fingers and arms
  • I have unexplained congestion, stuffiness or ringing in my ears
  • I have vertigo / dizziness
  • I would like my smile improved
  • I would like to replace all my old restorations and restore my mouth to health

What is the cost involved with Full Mouth Rejuvenation?
Full Mouth Rejuvenation is just that – a recreation of every tooth in your mouth. Only select Dentists are truly confident and qualified to complete this treatment and, as such, their fees will be in line with their skills.

After your initial consultation, you will be provided with a price estimate for your individual needs.

To assist in financing your Full Mouth Rejuvenation, Maven Dental Castle Hill offers third party financing. Talk to us to discuss how others have afforded the full mouth rejuvenation process.

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