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Minimal Intervention

IDENTIFY – this involves identifying the problem as it exists and our professionals at Dental Excellence will then be able to provide STABILITY of your dental health into the future. By identifying the decay risk in each individual patient, we are able to prepare a customised preventive plan. Identification includes the following:

  • Evaluation of Saliva
  • Evaluation of decay activity
  • Examination of the amount of Saliva and Salivary buffer capacity
  • Confirmation of the morphology of the dentition (ie deep grooves etc)
  • Understanding the patient’s current health, diet and hygiene regimes

PREVENTION – for the minimal intervention concept, this means education and practical oral hygiene guidance, promoting measure to halt the progress of decay and gum disease and actively promote the remineralisation of tooth structure. Prevention includes the following:

CONTROL – means “TREATMENT” of decay and gum disease. With the minimal intervention concept, only the active decay is removed (when remineralisation is not possible). Restoration is completed using a bonded resin or, for additional strength of required, a bonded ceramic. Once controlled, PREVENTION is achieved through regular active maintenance. Control includes the following:

» Saliva Check

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