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Saliva Check

Test for Saliva Quality, pH and Buffering Capacity

Saliva testing is an examination tool that we can use to educate you, therefore assisting in preventive treatment planning.

Saliva plays a significant role in maintaining oral health. It is the body’s natural caries/decay defense. Understanding saliva characteristics can give your Dental Excellence Professional valuable information to determine treatment choices and strategies.

  • Identify, Measure and Assess Your Possible Caries Risk based on Saliva Condition
  • Tests Hydration, Salivary Consistency, Resting Saliva pH, Stimulated Saliva Flow, Stimulated Saliva pH and Saliva Buffering Capacity
  • Tool for Developing Preventive Care Strategies and Selecting Dental Materials for the Treatment
  • Individual Patient Test (Single Dose) Packaging is ideal for use during routine Oral Examinations

The complete Saliva-Check procedure takes less than 10 minutes per patient.

Saliva protects teeth by:

Neutralizing acid challenges; flushing food and bacteria from the oral cavity; acting as a lubricant; forming pellicle on the tooth surface and delivering calcium, phosphate and fluoride to the tooth surface.

Carbohydrates and acidic foods amplify mutans streptococcus in dental plaque (particularly streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sobrinus) which are related to both the initiation and progression of dental caries. 

Once saliva problems are identified, your Dental Excxellence Professional can recommend a course of preventive care which includes introducing supplements (like fluoride, CPP-ACP, chlorhexidine), lifestyle changes (increase water intake, decrease diuretic intake – caffeine, alcohol, etc.), increase saliva stimulation (chewing gum and low acid foods), altering oral hygiene regimen (increase brushing and cleaning, improve cleaning and flossing methods) and possible dietary modification.

Saliva pH Test Buffering an Acid Challenge
Buffer Test High levels of mutans 
streptococci indicate an increased caries risk.

Features and Benefits:

Comprehensive Saliva Testing:

  • Hydration testing measures salivary production.
  • Salivary Consistency testing visually assesses the viscosity of unstimulated saliva.
  • Resting Saliva pH testing measures the pH of unstimulated saliva.
  • Stimulated Saliva Flow testing measures the quantity of saliva produced in 5 minutes while chewing an unflavored piece of wax.
  • Stimulated Saliva pH testing measures the pH of saliva produced under masticatory stimulus.
  • Saliva Buffering Capacity testing measures the ability of saliva to minimize an acid challenge.

Individual Patient Test (Single Dose) Packaging:

  • Prevents possibility of cross contamination to assure accurate results.
  • Easily works into your oral examination procedure.

Educational Tool:

  • Helps you understand and strive for oral balance.
  • Identifies saliva problems and assists in preventive treatment planning.
  • Helps you strive for oral balance and improve oral health by achieving an equilibrium between the demineralizing effect of bacteria and acids on tooth surfaces and the buffering and remineralizing benefits of saliva.

Helps Find Factors Affecting Salivary Disfunction:

  • Communication vehicle to identify contributing factors like dehydration, stress, smoking, disease, salivary gland pathology, chronic renal failure, drug abuse, menopausal hormone imbalance and medicine side effects.

Assists in Diagnosis and Preventive Treatment Design:

  • Offer improved preventive treatment to you.
  • Correct problems before damage occurs.
  • Improves communication and motivation.

10 Minutes of Testing:
1. Hydration
2. Consistency
3. Resting Saliva pH
4. Stimulated Saliva Flow (5 minutes)
5. Stimulated Saliva pH
6. Buffering capacity

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