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Missing or Broken Teeth

Crowns can be provided by the Dental Excellence team to rebuild badly broken down teeth and recreate the natural contours and colour of the original tooth. If these contours or colour were not desirable or ideal, we can create a more ideal result through our partnership with leading laboratories. The material of choice for crowns greatly depends on the situation, though our team favours all ceramic crowns, which contain no metal and are bonded to the underlying tooth structure and recreate the natural translucency and beauty of an unharmed tooth.

Bridges can be used to replace missing teeth and can involve a number of different techniques and materials. Why replace a missing tooth you may ask? It is important to replace lost teeth to prevent your healthy adjacent teeth moving into the wrong position, causing a poorly aligned bite and the possible loss of more teeth. Replacement of missing teeth will also improve your biting efficiency and thus result in a more balanced bite. Your needs will be based on the assessment of your dental and medical history. A thorough examination will then be made of your teeth, gums, muscles and jaws and evaluation of photographs and x-rays as required. From these records we will be able to achieve a solution we are sure you will be happy with.

Missing teeth may also be replaced with dentures, though your optimal needs are generally swayed in the direction of the ‘fixed’ alternatives to space replacement, such as bridges or implants.

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